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Have you ever noticed how parenting books and resources are often assume that you're a mother with a typical nuclear family? Well, for some of us, hearing "The solution is simple! When you need a break, leave the baby with your husband or take it for a ride in your car to put him to sleep!" is just a frustration and not at all helpful (since many of us have either no husband, no car, or neither husband nor car!)! These "Advice Files" are focused on young and teen parents. That doesn't mean that your advice can't include advice for husbands, etc. and can't be useful for those who are in nuclear families. It just means that all the single mothers, the young mothers, the non-middle class mothers, and mothers living in unique family situations can find something here too! :)

Advice Files

Choose one of the following topics to read advice other mothers had to give on that specific topic...

Baby Budgets for young moms

View our example budgets (with cost of living estimates included) and then download, fill in, and print your own budget! Updated 2010

Baby Proofing Advice

Young moms advise you on how to keep your babies and toddlers safe in a home environment! Updated 2010

Breastfeeding Advice

Encouragement from young mothers on how to stick with breastfeeding during the rough patches. Updated 2010

Bottlefeeding Advice

Young moms discuss bottle feeding - how did you feel about it? Updated 2010

Clothing Archives

Dealing with your baby's dad Archives

Dealing with your friends Archives

Dealing with death (of a child or loved one) Archives

Dealing with the "opinions" of others Archives

Dealing with YOUR parents Archives

Findnig time for yourself Archives

New baby survival tips! Archives

Pregnancy Archives

School Archives

Siblings Archives

Sleeping (baby & mom!) Archives

Toddler Survival Tips Archives

Other Advice Archives

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