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Teen Pregnancy Statistics

How common is teen pregnancy? What are the current trends of young women when faced with the choice between adoption, abortion, and raising a child? Are most teen pregnancies a result of failed protection, or are they a result of not using protection at all?

Find your answers to questions about teen pregnancy here! Our teen pregnancy statistics database is growing to encompass all statistics and factual information about teen mothers, their children, their lives. Research replaces and defeats the common myths and stereotypes...

We try to search for accurate Teen Pregnancy Stats, but please remember that this stats page is only intended as a brief summary of the pregnancy rates and trends in the research. If you are one of the many young women / young moms who are looking for information for a research paper or project, please ensure that you visit the direct sources for your statistics. We have provided links to all the sources we site, as well as additional sources for statistics and information. Be sure that you read complete articles to get the complete information. We hope you find our summary helpful as a starting point.

Also, please note that the staff are *not* available to answer the requests for "homework help" we receive, so please do not send us a request to help with your teen pregnancy homework or project! We've created this stats page to try to help you out instead, so please take advantage of this resource.

Canadian Teen Pregnancy Statistics:

* these stats from Statistics Canada - Health Reports, Vol. 12, No. 1

United States:

* these stats from NCHS - National Center for Health Statistics (U.S.A.) * these stats from Teen Sex and Pregnancy article


* prepared by Marianne E. Felice, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, University of Massachusetts, Board of Directors, Campaign For Our Children

For more information...

Don't forget that our page is only intended as a brief summary of the pregnancy rates and trends in the research. Check the direct sources and read complete articles to get the most accurate information!

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