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Freebies for young moms!

Welcome to YM Freebies! Print out our colourful guides or newborn art! Have fun using our sigs and blinkies on your favourite blogs and boards.

Please link back to us whenever possible so that other young mommies can find out about our free graphics (and free site!) for young moms. You can copy and paste the following code:

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Check out's great freebies!

Free Lunch-packing guide for school-aged children
A bright and colourful lunch-packing guide that moms can print out to share with their school-aged children.

Free Blended Family Tree Diagram (.pdf drawing)
A non-traditional take on a "family tree". Print this one out for your child(ren) if their teacher gives them a family tree that forces them to conform to a "nuclear family" standard.

Free SuperKid Award
A fun little certificate you can print out and fill in to reward your children for anything from homework completion to potty training.

Free Newborn & Infant Stimulation Art
Newborn babies are interested by high contrast patterns. Print out these free pictures for your new baby! Also includes colourful images for older infants.

Free Dolls
Use our Dollmaker to make your own free pregnant mommy or mommy-with-kids dolls.

Free Gals2Adopt
A fun site hosted by with adorable adoptables. Check out these little gals for a new take on dollz.

Free "Welcome to YM" Graphics
Grab the codes needed to welcome new members to YM!

Free Blinkies
Proud to be a Young Mommy? Show your pride with one of our young mother blinkies.

Free Sig Tags
Save and use these cute sig tags anywhere and everywhere. Includes both animated & static graphics.

Great YM sigs*new!*
Proud YM sigs
Modern sigs
Hearts sigs
Stars sigs
Glitter Sig Tags
Bubble Sig Tags
Gal Doll Sig Tags

Free Smilies
Cute set of smilies for message boards!

Free Graphics
Other pretty graphic art creations...

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