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How to Join YM!

Ways to be connected!
There are different ways to be connected on the site, it all depends on how often you'd like to interact and how much you plan on coming back.

To share your story as a young/teen mom, visit the Share Pages. This is a one-time posting and there's no obligation to come back.

To chat with other moms without registering your info, try the Chat Room. You might have to try at different times to find other moms online.

To immerse yourself in a full community of other moms like you, join the YM Boards. You'll be asked to register (provide some basic info and go through some steps) but the benefits are amazing! We have a really wonderful group of supportive women and many conversation forums (more are "unlocked" as you become a regular and trusted member).

However you decide to participate, please remember to follow our Guidelines of respect throughout the site and discussion areas.

In general, we ask that:

For a complete run-through of the Guidelines, please visit this page: Guidelines

Not a young mom? You can still join our Facebook Fan Page or Follow YM on Twitter to find out what's new! For young women who think they might be pregnant (and are not yet able to register as members), we have a forum for you called the Waiting Room where you can ask our young mom members for help and advice!

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