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YM Member Guidelines

Our Guidelines apply to our 3 discussion areas: #1 - The YM Communities, #2 - The YM Boards, #3 - The YM Chat Room.

#1- ~ Members must show respect for others ~
NO flaming! Discrimination (sexism, racism, homophobia), insults, name-calling, and other put-downs are not allowed. No derogatory comments towards either side of political issues (e.g. pro-choice & pro-life) is permitted. Voice your opinion in a diplomatic way.

#2- ~ Members must be familiar members ~
NO lurking! New members must provide a valid e-mail and keep it up to date. New members must post an introduction ASAP (1 minute for Chats, 1 week for Communities, 1 week for Boards) in order to remain a member. Members must post regularly (once/month for Communities and Boards, once/5mins for Chat) and must reply to Roll Calls.

#3- ~ Members must post appropriate content ~
NO spam! We do not allow any kind of junk, hoaxes, chain mail, advertisements for other websites or groups, advertisements for products or services, or anything that's not family-friendly. Sending forwards and pictures through the Communities is not permitted.

#4- ~ Members must be moms or moms-to-be ~
NO faking! ONLY young moms & moms-to-be can join the YM Communities, Boards, and Chats. Individuals that do not meet this eligibility requirement (e.g. men, young women TTC, godparents, teen women, parents of teen parents, etc.) are welcome to visit the general website.

Last update of the Guidelines: November 2006 reserves the right to periodically update these Guidelines as necessary. Use of the YM Communities, Boards, and 24/7 Chat Room will always be subject to agreement to abide by whichever version of the Guidelines is most current.

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