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Newborn Infant Stimulation Art

Newborn babies enjoy staring at patterns, and black-and-white images are one such pattern that seem to interest them a great deal! Because of the high contrast in these pictures, newborns are able to see where one shape (or portion of the graphic) ends and another begins. They also begin to enjoy bright colours as they grow a little older and start to recognize basic shapes and images.
Scroll down for some free pictures that you can print out for your new infant or older baby to look at...

You are welcome to print/copy/distribute this picture as long as:
1. it is for personal use (not profit)
2. you do not modify it
and 3. you leave the copyright and credit statement on the page.

Click on the thumbnail to view the full-size page...

Pictures especially appealing for newborns:

Black-and-white target (concentric circle) pattern

Black-and-white checker-board (contrasting squares) pattern

Red and black ball with stars pattern

Pictures targetted more towards older infants:

Colourful boat picture

Bright yellow chick picture

Red apple with interesting texture

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