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Baby Proofing Advice

Misty, mom to Dalton 11 months, from Kansas said:

"Always clean your house really good. If it is clean and things are picked up then you know that there is less he can get into. Remember to shut the bathroom door that away he/she cant go in there and play in the toilet. Also crawl on the floor and make sure that there isn't anything he can get into. Put all cords and lose things that can hurt him up. Put all medicines, cleaning supplies in a cabinet that you can put something on to lock him out of it."

Misty, mom to Zachary (2), from Ohio said:

"don't ever underestimate them. especially toddlers (1-4) itook my son to the hospitol about once a month after he started walking. most of the time we were sent home with an icepack but still maybe i could of prevented that. Also becareful of your beuty products and medicines it only takes one time."

CTACI, mom to Zackary 8-23-98 (Mavis 8-10-99 adopted), from Middletown Connecticut USA said:

"get down on all fours- crawl around the house and remove anything within reach. cover those electrical sockets! get gates and block off all areas that your children would not be safe in (kitchen especially) get doorknob covers for the doors so the kids cant open them- the bathroom especially! get latches and buckles for doors, cabinets, refridgerator, and toilet- they will learn how to work them soon but while they dont they come in handy!"

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