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Breastfeeding Advice

Vanessa, mom to Avery Kyle (4 mos), from Indiana said:

"Breastfeeding is such a wonderful experience, I can't imagine what being a mother and not breastfeeding would be like. It has given me so much pride and fufillment not to mention the many benefits it has given Avery. Also it helps you lose the baby weight, 4 months postpartum and I weigh less than I did before I got pregnant. It isn't easy at first but don't give up because it is worth it. If you need help and support just talk to a lactation consultant or a la leche league leader they can help you with any problems."

Tiffany, mom to T.J. (3 months), from Indiana, said:

"I love breastfeeding. It is so much easeir than bottle feeding. There is no hassle of putting the bottle together while your baby is crying or forgetting a bottle when going somewhere. It may feel a bit akward the first few days, but after a week it's so natural feeling. No one really thinks anything of it and it's better for your baby. It causes them to be able to break down fat easier when they are older and it can also stimulate their brain development. If you need any advice feel free to e-mail me."

Krissy, mom to Lilly (7.5 months), from Canada, said:

"My advice is this, if you are having troubles breastfeeding, you CAN work through it! At 3 months my doctor told me I couldn't breastfeed my daughter anymore becuase my supply was too low.. it was down to 1.5 oz per feeding.. so I went to a Lactation consultant, and some LLL meetings, I had to nurse her every 1-1.5 hrs and pump afterwards, around the clock, and I had to go on Domperidone (produces the hormone prolactin).. but now Lilly is almost 8 months, and things are GREAT! We worked through it! Lilly nurses faithfully every 2 hours through out the day, and I no longer have to pump or take any medications, and we both couldn't be happier!! So it anyone is having any problems, just stick with it!! The bit of extra time and work is WELL worth it =)"

Faythe, mom to Autumn (10 1/2 months), from Marietta Ga USA, said:

"I've been breastfeeding Autumn now fo almost 11's so easy to do and for people on a tight budget it's so good, it doesn't cost anything...but the most important part is that it's so good for your gives them everything they need for nutrition...and it creates such a great bond with your child. i love it and so does Autumn."

Romalie R., mom to 6 kids, 1 boy, 5 girls age 18 - 2, from San Antonio,Tx, said:

"As a mom that breastfeed all 6 babies I think it's the best. The nurturing, the bonding, the is unsurpast. It may not be easy at first but its well worth it. A new baby as well as the new mom need to get use to the technique give it time and it will all work out. My best advce that help me a lot is to get a breast pump for when the milk comes in and you are too engorged for the baby to latch on properly, you can pump a couple of minutes until the pressure is relieved. So buy a pump before birth and bring it to the hospital with you."

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