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Bottlefeeding Advice

Katrina, mom to Adrian- 4, from Michigan, USA, said:

"I've heard arguments for both sides about whether or not it's ok to reheat formula. But mostly it's people saying there's nothing wrong with it. I always did it. I can't imagine how much formula we would've gone through had I not saved and reheated. I got the same reaction from people about breastfeeding. Actually, I tried to breastfeed my son for a few weeks. Unfortunately, he was born 3 and a half weeks premature, his lungs were under-developed and he had to be under an oxygen hood for like, 5 hours. And what were the nurses doing? Feeding him bottles. So by the time he got to my breast, he was like "What is THIS?!":) It just wasn't as easy or convenient as the bottle. He got a lot of colostrum and some of my milk before we abandoned the breastfeeding thing completely, though, so I felt ok about it."

Andrea, mom to ethan micheal (10 months), said:

"i did the same thing, it seems like i have waisted enough formula to feed 3 babies for a whole year. i must admit i still do it in the middle of the night, but i dont think that will ever change. everyone in my husbands family says that you cant heat up formula in the microwave because it gets destroyed. ive never really believed them on that one, but has any one heard that and know for sure that if will destoy the formula?"

Kimmi (webpage), mom to Clara 13 months, from Festus USA, said:

"I admit that I did not start out the whole bottle feeding thing right. To my credit, I was clueless... so many people were trying to convince me that I was a bad mother if I bottlefed. I know breast is best, but for me it was out of the question. But, if I had known what to do, I would have put Clara's bottles in the fridge when she had drunk part of the bottle. I wasted so much milk throwing it out!"

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