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Baby Budgets for Young Moms

Wondering how much it costs to provide for a new baby? How much are diapers, new nursery furnishings, clothes, and your own living costs for being on your own? Take a look at our example baby budget, then plan your own with our downloadable, printable, fill-in spreadsheet.

Example Budget #1: Single mom, apartment w/ no laundry, no vehicle, newborn baby, breastfeeding

Apartment $800 (with utlities included)
Food (groceries & eating out) $200
Pharmacy (medications, pads, shampoo, etc.) $100
Laundry $40
Phone (either landline OR cell, internet) $60
Diapers & wipes $40
Bus pass $60
Monthly total: $1,300
Yearly total: $15,600

One-time-only new baby costs:

Crib $200-$300 Stroller $70-$100
Dressers $20-200 Carseat $50-$100
High chair $40-$130 Bath tub or seat $10 each
Towels, face cloths $20 Clothes for baby $50
Bibs and feeding supplies $60 Bedding, blankets $40
Diaper bag $20-$40 Maternity clothing $60-$100

TOTAL COSTS: from $640 to $1160

These prices vary widely, and the costs can range even above or below what's listed depending on where you shop (from garage sales to used-clothing stores to department stores to baby boutiques). If you are having a baby shower thrown for you or have someone who has an older baby and can give hand-me-downs, you may receive many of these items and will not have to purchase them new yourself.

Example Budget #2: Single mom, apartment w/ laundry but no utilities, 1 vehicle (owned), full-time student, older baby on formula and food

Apartment $800
Food (groceries & eating out) $150
Pharmacy (medications, pads, shampoo, etc.) $100
Electricity $60
Phone (either landline OR cell, internet) $60
Baby Supplies (diapers, wipes, formula, jar food) $100
Gas for car $100
Parking on campus $130
Full-time daycare Subsidized spot
Monthly total: $1,500
Yearly total: $18,000

Our sample budgets are examples ONLY. Because costs vary greatly from city to city, it may cost you more to live in a bigger city than it does in a smaller town or in the suburbs. Housing is especially variable and a 1-bedroom apartment in one city can cost the same as a small townhouse in another city! Please be sure to do research in the city you plan to live in with your baby to see what your estimated costs will be.

Your Turn - Download and Fill in your own Baby Budget!

Here are some baby budget spreadsheets for you to download and fill out with your own information. In the top sections, enter all of your costs. At the bottom, enter your income (your job, spouse or partner's job if applicable, government assistance, and/or student loans). If stamps or a subsidy are covering costs in one area, enter the costs you actually pay or leave the field blank if your costs are $0. Keep your entries numerical in order for the calculation formulas to work (in open document and Excel formats only).

Download a copy of the YM Baby Budget in .xls (Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP) format
Download a copy of the YM Baby Budget in .odt (Open Office) format

In case you don't have Excel or Open Office, there's also a .pdf version (see below) that you can save and print:
Download a copy of the YM Baby Budget in .pdf format

Have your own baby budget that suits your own unique family? Send it to us and we'll add it to the site! Click here to send an e-mail to YM's Site Director.

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