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Welcome to the Young Mommies Homesite Newslist. Here's the latest...

New sig tags!

We have some gorgeous new "Proud to be a Young Mommy" Sig Tags for you in our Freebies section!

Find freebies @

Click here to get your own codes to display these in your signatures!

New Baby Budgets!

Are you a pregnant teen trying to plan ahead? Or just a young woman wondering how much a baby could potentially cost? Check out our new "Baby Budgets" to get an estimate of what financial situation you're looking at. The first budget is a snapshot of what a young single mom with a brand new baby is looking at paying, and there's also another budget that reflects a possible budget of a young mom in university. Young Mom Baby Budgets

*** These budgets are part of our Advice Files, an area of the Share Pages we are trying to revamp and drag up out of the old "guestbook" system. If you have advice for young moms, please check out the topics and send it in!!

YM Boards having new activities

We have some awesome new activities happening on the YM Boards, including Daily Questions, Weekly Challenges, Picture Contests, Woman-of-the-Week, and more! Join now and be welcome by an amazing group of supportive young women. Over 25 but had your kids young and still feeling like you identify more with other young moms? We have a new "Always YM" forum just for you - once a young mom, always a young mom!

Join the YM Boards!

YM Blogs & the start of great Contests!

With the donation of a dozen copies of "What to Expect When You're Expecting", YM is launching the first of many contests that will be run in the upcoming months! This month's contest is taking place on the newly revamped and revived YM Blogs. Come and read what our new mommy bloggers are talking about, and comment for your chance to win a copy of WTE or a Fun Summer Prize pack!

Read the YM Blogs & find out more about the contest!

That's all for this time around! Thanks for your interest in the Young Mommies Homesite and hope to see you again soon! :)

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