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Young Mommies Pen Pals

Welcome to the Young Mommies Pen Pals page, where you can find other mothers with similar interests as yours to talk to, seek advice from, or give advice too. Please browse through the categories below based on what you are looking for, and email some of the moms. Be sure to remind them where you found their address and what you would like to talk to them about, because many of the moms post in more than one section. :)

Young Mommy Pen Pals Archives

A general category for all young mother pen pals

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Young Pregnant Mommies-to-be Pen Pals

A category for expectant mommies wanting to get in touch with other moms-to-be to talk about pregnancy and childbirth...

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Young Mommies Mentors!

Moms who are willing to be mentors to other mothers who may be going through some challenging times with their current life situation...

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Special requests!

Check here to see if you are able to help any of these moms find what they are looking for! And if you are a mom who would like to have a pen pal who is from a specific region of the world, from a certain lifestyle/ethnic group/background/etc. and/or one who is dealing with specific issues/challenges with their children and might be able to offer advice, please post below!

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Young Mommies WebHelp

Looking for someone to design a banner for you? Or maybe you're an HTML pro that can help another mom with her site?

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Younger Teen mommies

For the 18 and under mommies and mommies-to-be who want to talk to other

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"Older" Young Mommies

For the 19 and up mommies and mommies-to-be who don't quite fit into that "Teen parent" category and want to talk to older mothers.

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