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"Self-Care for Moms - 100 Things"

by Kris Cormier

You may have heard the expression "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy", but you may not have realized how true this funny little saying can be. As the heads of the households, mothers hold the family together by their care and organizational skills. Often, we play a key role in the lives of all other members of the household. And before we give to others, we need to make sure we are recharging our own batteries and giving to ourselves.

Sometimes, when mothers miss out on this essential part of their role, they can experience stress or even burn-out. Even though we may feel guilty about having a rest or taking time for ourselves, it's actually a step towards a healthy mom and a healthy family. When we nurture ourselves, we feel replenished enough to be able to give to our families. It's crucial to take some "you time" if you are a mom of a busy young family.

Here are some suggestions of self-care activities to pursue, either alone or with a friend, child, or partner. Think about whether or not you find these activities enjoyable and/or rewarding, and choose some favourites. Seek out activities that you find rejuvinating, and then you could always make your own list of activities that refresh your mind, body, and spirit...

1. Eating something sweet.
2. Deep breathing.
3. Scrapbooking.
4. Cuddling up with a loved one.
5. Making cute things.
6. Reading fiction.
7. Playing with your kids.
8. Writing.
9. Writing in a journal.
10. Singing.
11. Yoga.
12. Cycling.
13. Laughing.
14. Hangin' with friends.
15. Watching a movie
16. Listening to music.
17. Playing a computer game.
18. Playing a board game.
19. Getting a helpful massage.
20. Getting a relaxing massage.
21. Doing the laundry.
22. Driving.
23. Designing something.
24. Chatting with online friends.
25. Posting on a message board.
26. Talking on the phone.
27. Sleeping in.
28. Smelling flowers.
29. Taking a nice long shower.
30. Cooking.
31. Baking.
32. Organizing things.
33. Cross-stitching.
34. Sitting with heat packs.
35. Stretching.
36. Drinking a glass of water.
37. Eating a fruit.
38. Eating something delicious.
39. Smelling a nice scent.
40. Taking care of someone.
41. Helping someone.
42. A fast-moving amusement park ride.
43. Swimming.
44. Walking.
45. Jogging.
46. Shopping.
47. Planning.
48. Hugging and being hugged.
49. Looking forward to something.
50. Going on a date.
51. Daydreaming.
52. Meditating.
53. Listening to music.
54. Soaking in a hot bath.
55. Flipping through a magazine.
56. Composing music.
57. Having neat ideas.
58. Sipping hot chocolate and whipped cream.
59. Getting something nice in the mail.
60. Watching TV.
61. Doing work that you enjoy.
62. Reading non-fiction.
63. Making lists.
64. Playing Bingo.
65. Drinking good coffee.
66. Seeing something beautiful.
67. Kissing and being kissed.
68. Creating art.
69. Walking outside.
70. Warming up by the fireside.
71. Knitting.
72. Watching rain fall.
73. Thinking of a happy place.
74. Dancing.
75. Doing your nails.
76. Finding a solution to a problem.
77. Playing with modelling clay.
78. Finger-painting.
79. Making funny faces.
80. Listening to a comedian.
81. Reading a comic.
82. Playing a video game.
83. Seeing the ocean.
84. Eating a home-cooked meal.
85. Decorating your home.
86. Playing a musical instrument.
87. Being part of a team.
88. Flying in an airplane.
89. Playing pool.
90. Praying.
91. Looking at home videos.
92. Taking pictures.
93. Walking a pet.
94. Enjoying time with a partner.
95. Having a cup of tea.
96. Looking at artwork.
97. Star-gazing.
98. A stimulating discussion.
99. Winning at something.
100. Doing absolutely nothing.

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