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Link & Banner Exchanges

Linking to The Young Mommies Homesite is easy, and best of all, it helps other young mommies find our site so that we can help them too! :) Follow the steps below to link to the YMH site, and let us know when you have so that we can add you!

You can also check out Advertising and Other Opportunities for more information on ways to have your site linked up with YM.

Step One

First, decide whether you would like a banner exchange or a link exchange...

Banner exhange= we display your banner here, you display ours on your site.
Link exchange= we display your link here (with a description of your site), you display our link (with our description of the YMH site) on your site.

Step Two..

Please be sure you read and agree with the conditions of the exchange:
Our link must be on either a links page, an exchange page, or the main page of your site, and must be easily accesible from your index page.
Your website must be reasonably well designed in terms of layout, and have at least some real content (link list sites and spambot blogs will not be added).
Your link or banner will be displayed on our Links page (click here).
You must have the banner or link up on your site before we add your banner or link if you are the one requesting the exchange.
Your banner must be reasonably attractive in terms of design. Animated banners are ok, as long as they aren't blaringly bright, over-sized, or otherwise tacky. Your site must be of a similar theme (something that is related to or of interest to young mothers) and/or have a similar audience, both in terms of demographics and size.

Step Three

Next, visit the Link to us page to select one of our banners or to copy the code for a link.

Step Four

E-mail YM's Site Director to let her know you've added a link or banner exchange! Please include the following information:
Your name
Your site's name
Your site's main URL
The URL of the page where you have added our link/banner
A brief description of your site (especially if you would like it included in your text link
Your banner, or a link to where we can find it on the web

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