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Spin 'til you're thin
An inspirational weight loss story...
Author: Kris Cormier

The heaviest I've even been was at the end of my 5th pregnancy - I was over 80lbs heavier than my ideal weight (which was before my first pregnancy!). With more than 80lbs to go, I broke up my goal - I would lose 55lbs to reach my short-term weight loss point. In the first few months post-pregnancy, I did some walking and other light exercise and managed to lose 20lbs of pregnancy weight. In Spring 2005, with a new baby in tow, I started my fitness plan and set out to lose even more.
A big part of my plan was havnig a plan in the first place! Being accountable to write down what steps I was taking was a big motivational factor. I started off with a 10-week "phase", in which my goals were: Walk at least 3x per week (or other exercise) to lose 10 lbs and to fit back into pre-pregnancy jeans. By the end of Phase 1, my goal had been accomplished - I'd lost 10lbs in 10 weeks. It was during this phase that I got a gym membership and starting attending the Spinning classes there.
As someone who tends to get "bored" with regular fitness activities (spending a half hour on the treadmill is not my cup of tea!), I really liked Spinning from the get-go! I started out with Endurance classes (yes, it does take a while for your "glutes" to get used to being on a bike for that long at a time! Give it 5 or 6 classes total if you're a beginner!). During the 2nd Phase, I lost another 8lbs and lost inches as well. With Phase 3 starting in September, I increased the Spinning even more, this time trying the Interval and Strength classes. I did at least one Spinning Class per week for those 10 weeks! By the end of Phase 3, I was down another 12lbs, for a total weight loss of 50lbs (30 of this during the 3 fitness "phases").
During Phase 4, I lost 5lbs to bring me to my short-term weight loss goal of 55lbs lost. The "treat" I'd planned for myself was going shopping for a nice new top, and as soon as I saw my magic # of the scale, I went out shopping for my "reward"! I went on to lose another 5lbs durnig this phase, which put me at -60lbs at the end of 2005.
Durnig 2005, I must have done dozens of Spinning classes. But am I sick of it? Nope. What I love best about Spinning is the variety it has space for. The music changes, different teachers have different styles, the "course" described changes, your co-Spinners change, and the inspirational and motivational statements change. Whe I'm doing my own workout, I still try to hear one of my fave Spinning instructor's call to "pick it up! pick it up!". When I'm Spinning, I get to focus on myself, on my fitness, on how my body feels and to what levels I can push it.
Almost 2 years later, I'm still Spinning. I've unfortunately had flare-ups of my old whiplash injuries (from getting rear-ended by a minivan while at a dead stop at a stop light in 2000), so I have not been able to keep up my old Spinning schedule, but I keep trying to get back in the saddle! I truly hope that I'll be able to enjoy Spinning for a good long while! ;)

You can check out my Fitness Journal to read all abuot my weight loss journey.

New "Rainbow Biking" Stores!

I've opened up some cycling stores inspired by my fitness and weight loss journey. I am proud to have lost 65lbs during my one year of very intensive Spinning classes! Shop at one of my stores to wear your own sporty and colourful biking gear!

Rainbow Biking

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