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The YM blogs have a group of “mommy bloggers” from various cities in Canada, the USA, and the UK…

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  1. MDFedrick says:

    I am 17 and i am a senior in high school my boyfriend is 18 and in the airforce i just found out i am pregnant i havent told anyone i am still in shock i jus feel like i need hope before i break my mothers heart but i dont no what to do i am scared to death

  2. Ashee says:

    Well, I remember that. I was fresh out of high school too. My mom took it the hardest. It just needs to sink in. If you display your drive to continue your education, they’ll eventually gain more trust in you. Also, when that baby comes they’re gonna be so excited about being grandparents they’re going to forget about what they were so upset about, well partly. Personally, I moved in with my boyfriend so we could set ourselves up as being independent but if you aren’t in the position to do that, that’s fine. Just remind them that a baby is a blessing and it’s not the end of the world. It isn’t even all that rare. This happens all the time. With your hormones, you feed off of positivity and let them know. Some people need to really count their blessings. At least you’re able to have children. It’s not like you’re in middle school or even high school anymore. The avg. age of women who give birth to their first baby is 24 in the U.S. It’s gonna be okay! You’re gonna be a mommy and the nausea will pass!!

  3. Andrea says:

    Hi Rolonda. I am sorry your family member is being so unsupportive. Maybe you could approach this family member with a detailed explanation of your plans to support your baby and continue your education. After you have explained to them how you plan on making it work, and if they still do not support you, I would simply tell them that this is your decision and even if they don’t agree with it they should try to respect your choice. This is your baby and your choice, don’t let someone else’s negativity bring you down. It sounds like you have other family members to turn too, and possibly they could help you approach the other family member as well.

    Please feel free to join many young moms and

    I am sure many of the girls their would have wonderful support and advice for you!

    Best of luck!
    Andrea :)

  4. rolonda says:

    Hi i just thought if i cant get any advice that i want to hear sure enough yall can help me. I just found out im 12 weeks pregnant and im out of high school now headed to college. My family says there going to support me and have my back and there the main one’s talking about me and speaking negative about me. Although i knew this wasn’t going to be easy what they dont know is there making it harder for me. I feel like i let alot of people down and it’s over now im pregnant and i choose not to have an abortion. Could any of yall give me a word of encourage and confidence that i can make it through this regardless what people say thanks.

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