This ring was created to help support mommies that are breastfeeding their children and includes the personal websites of many mothers who support breastfeeding as an excellent nutritional start for babies!

If you are a mom who is nursing (or has nursed) a baby, please join this *family-friendly* ring and share your breastfeeding story with all of us! :) Follow the steps below to become a member of this ring...

*** Please note that this ring moved location in February 2004 - please update your Ring code if you joined before this date! Thanks! :) ***

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Step 1

Choose one of the TWO graphics below for your page. I've shown them both on a background to help you choose whether or not you want the transparent graphic or the solid graphic with the white background...

The first one looks neat on a subtle/simple/pale background, but if you have a patterned/complicated/dark background, you would need to use the second one...

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Step 2

Copy the code below and paste it onto your webpage (this page must be the same one you submit to the ring!):

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Step 3

Submit your site below. The ringmaster will review your site and if it meets the requirments, you will be added to the ring. Thanks for joining! :)

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